Music made to order

Written just for you

Get a song from your favorite artist written just for you. These are one of a kind recordings that are made to order. Fill out the song description and communicate with the artist along the way. You'll be notified of any changes by our order management system.

Learn about order messages

Order Messages

Communicate with the artist

Chat with the artist to get your song just right. If the artist needs to ask you a question or get clarification on an order they'll send you a message. Order messages make it easy to communicate and keep in touch while the artist is writing your song.

Learn about notifications

Order notifications

Never miss a beat

Our order management system will keep you and the artist in contact and organized. We'll send you notifications every time the artist updates your song status. When your song is finished we'll send you an email with a download link ready to go. You can log in and get all the songs you purchase at any time.

Learn about payments

Simple, secure payments


Pay directly to the artist using your credit card. The artist is notified of your order immediately. You can change the description of the song up until the order has been marked in progress.

So what next?

We're just getting started

Ditty Deli is signing up new artists all the time. Want to stay informed about store openings? We'll be available on social media.

Are you a musician?

Are you a musician interested in selling custom, individual songs to your fans?
We're looking for committed, talented artists that will deliver quality music. Ditty Deli handles all of your order management, your store profile, payment processing, song delivery and hosting.

If you want to find out more about Ditty Deli and what services we provide you can contact us for details.

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